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Existing Flat Roofs or Built-Up Roofs
After cleaning and careful preparation of roof deck, a urethane primer is applied followed by a 1-2 inch application of structural polyurethane.
After a short curing period, an intermediate layer of gray flexible base coating is applied, and later finished with a white reflective elastomeric topcoat.
Over flat roofs, Plexkote is an excellent alternative to tar and gravel roofing. It can be applied in varying thicknesses to achieve desired insulation value, or to improve roof drainage. Roofing projects where leaking walls and building additions present special problems are easily solved by Plexkote's seamless self-flashing application.

Metal Buildings
On metal roofs Plexkote is a method of stopping roof leaks and creating a workable environment inside hot metal buildings. Plexkote is chemical resistant and well suited for applications where corrosive materials may be present. The secret to the polyurethane system is that the material is on top of the metal roof, thus keeping the sun from heating the metal and the cool rain from cooling it off, thus eliminating the expansion and contraction, which is the real problem with metal roofs.

Fire Retardant
Plexkote System has the approval stamp of the Underwriters Laboratories, and is recognized as a Class A roofing system.

The Plexkote is 10- to 15-year leak-free, and the limited warranty insures that you'll never get caught in the rain. Strength
Plexkote will stand up to traffic. It is important that a roof not only be waterproof, but also provide a surface on which men can work without fear of damage. Plexkote's seamless surface and ability to support 6,400 lbs. per square feet are important advantages.

The Plexkote System lightens your load to reduce roof sagging and ponding water. A gravel roof weighs over 400 lbs. per 100 square foot, while Plexkote weighs only 70 lbs. complete.

Heat is the most destructive element your roof encounters. Plexkote's ultra white reflective surface protects and extends the life of your roof, by reducing heat build up and ultraviolet radiation damage. A cool roof is a longer lasting roof.

Polyurethane Foam Roofing & Coatings

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