Foam Roofing in Houston

Foam roofing is the protective material that you will want to seriously consider for your industrial or commercial property. For the majority of new buildings that are built today, this foam has an ultra-reflective surface to create the perfect sustainable building. This material has reflectivity, malleability and a resilient layer of protection that work together, providing multiple benefits in just one layer!

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The material that we use in foam roofing truly could have many uses for various properties. In fact, there are “foam dome” homes that utilize the polyurethane material that comprises the foam as a primary component in areas prone to hurricanes. If you have lived in East Texas for any period of time, you likely are well aware of the liability of tropical systems blowing through our area. When hurricanes hit a region, the first structures to go are usually roofs, but this material helps reinforce support for a wide variety of designs.

Here is a summary of our process for applying foam roofing on your rooftop:

  • We clean your roof deck and then lay a primer along with roughly two inches of polyurethane.
  • After that has cured, an intermediate gray layer is applied as a flexible base coating.
  • Next, we finish with an elastomeric topcoat, which is a highly reflective white color.

Our foam roofing is a wonderful and highly effective alternative to other, more flat-footed materials such as tar and gravel roofing, which is a heavier method that takes up more time. Here is a brilliant solution for industrial buildings that have problems with leakage. This foam fits in anywhere to shore up breaches in weatherproofing throughout a building. Metal buildings particularly have something to gain from this process. For one, jointed areas on walls and especially on rooftops are challenged throughout the year (and over a period of many years) as the fierce Texas sun bears down everyday. However, winter or even the cool of night brings vast temperature change. This makes metal expand and retract. Over time, cracks, holes, rust and other problems may occur.

But with our foam roofing, your metal roof is thermally protected, with the foam acting not only as an additional protective layer but also as a barrier to temperature. This product provides a totally seamless surface! The final solar reflective coating also keeps the temperature on your metal structure regulated. But there are more advantages of our foam to be had, including:

  • Strength … This is not some delicate space-age wonder material. Mind you, it is amazingly multitasking in its functionality, but it can also withstand 6,400 lbs per square foot. You will not have to worry about stability with our foam roofing.

  • Fire-resistant … In addition to withstanding the challenges of strong winds, gravity and being a waterproofing agent, our material is invulnerable to fire. Heat from the sun is what tends to cause the most destruction of materials on a roofing system, but not anymore with our polyurethane system.

  • Lightweight … It is tough, but it is also extremely useful because this is foam, after all.

  • Reflectivity … Of course, this is a very attractive aspect for business owners.

  • Warranty … This material features warranties up to 15 years.

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