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Louvered vents are as simple in their design as they are effective in their results in ventilating specific areas. We feature the selection you need specific to your industrial, commercial and institutional property. The beauty of these vents, whether you need one for the gable area of your home’s attic or various areas throughout your business, is that it allows space for air to pass in and out while prohibiting access to weather such as rain, debris or the random critter.

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Ventilation is just one more aspect of a roof making the point that your topside features make up an overall system, and not just a static cap. The bottom line is heat rises, bringing with it moisture, and without the sufficient ventilation supplied by louvered vents your property will quickly see troubles. Especially for extremely large and expansive industrial and commercial properties, you will need adequate ventilation to prevent a humid environment and let your HVAC unit perform more effectively.

We include a wide variety of louvered vents to meet the challenges experienced on your property.

Here are a few you may want to consider:

  • Standard varieties … These vents provide minimal risk while allowing the necessary airflow to occur, greatly reducing heat and moisture buildup which may rapidly deteriorate your building’s materials and even cause odorous mildew and unhealthy mold.
  • Drainable options … Despite the beneficial initial design of louvered vents, there are some weather conditions in some areas of your building that may need greater protection from the elements. For the variety that works best for your, we are happy to discuss your property’s conditions.
  • Increased storm performance … Here in East Texas during various points of the year we are challenged by wind-driven rain. These vents make it exceedingly difficult for water to creep its way inside your property. Also available are vents that stand up to hurricanes – the aerodynamics of ventilation with our louvered vents puts the power of choice in your hands.

Mold is just one issue to consider regarding the proper ventilation of your property. Ask any property manager – once this fungus is established somewhere it is exceedingly difficult to clear. Once established, colonies quickly spread, and once you may think the growth is eviscerated it can very easily pop up in another location. That is because spores hitch rides on dust particles and may land in another area of moisture.

Mold leads to property damage, eating away at various materials such as drywall and wood, and will irritate the allergies of most. Severe cases can cause infections, headaches, dizziness and even a compromised sense of smell. Our louvered vents provide the ventilation that curtails this possibility inside your building.

We want to help you with all aspects of your roofing system, from the materials protecting from rain, hail and heat to gutters to these structures that exhale the heat and humidity within your attic. We literally have decades of experience in supplying the ideal models and products to the rooftops of East Texas communities for optimal performance. This is one of the most fundamental features of your building, and all parts should be working in harmony with each other. We help accomplish this for you.

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