Houston Spray Foam Insulation

Houston Spray foam insulation is one of our most popular services we provide to our friends, neighbors and colleagues with commercial and industrial properties. The insulating result provided by our product, which is primarily comprised of polyurethane, can be quite stunning. There are some properties out there that have treatments done that can be aesthetically pleasing. However, this foam supplies those in business (and some other properties) with the protection that is basically necessary to protect against the elements.

Houston Spray foam insulation can save your older building.
It is also ideal for preserving your current business.
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Our spray foam insulation is the perfect addition to all manner of structures and buildings, including your metal areas. Metal buildings and roofs give you stability, strength and resistance to fire and hail. But some metal features, especially when old and unprotected by coatings, can be vulnerable. Metal succumbs to rust when not properly looked after. Additionally, metal will expand and retract on a constant basis. Just imagine those days when we experience drastic temperature changes – that takes a toll. Here is what you may find on a metal feature on your commercial property:

  1. Cracks
  2. Holes
  3. Aged seams
  4. Aged joints
  5. Rust

Our spray foam insulation makes things better. First, it simply acts as a brilliant additional protective layer, sort of like a tough and resilient skin that can withstand several tons of pressure per square foot. Perhaps more important, however, are the insulating qualities of these inches of polyurethane. This foam does a remarkable job of retaining the temperature of your building’s interior, which prevents metal from constantly expanding and retracting in vast temperature extremes.

Our Houston spray foam insulation has another important plus – it features an outer layer that is extremely reflective to solar radiation. In fact, you may expect to cut down your cooling costs during summer by up to 40 percent! In addition to those financial savings, you are eligible for tax credits and rebates because it is great for environmental conservation, too. This makes it a win-win that everyone can get behind.

And … we should not neglect the fact that this is an impressively lightweight substance, despite its ability to withstand extraordinary tonnage. For example, a gravel roof weighs 400 pounds per square foot! Contrast that with our spray foam insulation roofs, which typically weigh – in total, about 70 pounds. Heavy roofs have often led to sagging dips and divots that collect water on rooftops everywhere. As you are probably aware, water that forms ponds on your roof is nothing but bad for your property. This may lead to a roof leak, which could create all manner of havoc including bugs, stinky mildew and health hazardous mold. If nothing else, this will create more sagging and deeper dips.

A crucial concept to embrace here is that of investment. Even if your building or roof is perfectly fine as it currently stands, you could be enjoying the money-saving benefits of our spray foam insulation right now. It is an investment that lets you know it is there each month, and it also protects your building’s materials so that it is sure to last over the long run. We are proud to supply the area with this important building material.

Take advantage of our spray foam insulation;
it is a very worthwhile and affordable investment.
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We provide spray foam insulation in Houston, Galveston, Austin, San Antonio, Baytown, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Dallas and Ft Worth.