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Spray foam roofing is for many types of industrial and commercial properties the silver bullet solution for a plethora of potential challenges. Metal structures, for example, are a common type of building for industrial use. Metal is strong, enduring, malleable and lightweight; it is the reason why this material has been used for buildings to settle wild areas throughout the world, including the Old West. With the plusses come a few crucial minuses – but those minuses can be completely negated with our help.

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There are several varieties of industrial buildings in East Texas, and we want you to know there are multiple benefits to utilizing our spray foam roofing. Your building will either be a brand new building that could stand to be shored up so that it lasts for the long haul, or it may be old with several flaws in its weatherproofing. Either way, you stand to gain from our services.

What you will get with our spray foam roofing:

  • Reflectivity … This just begins to scratch the surface of things. The outer layer of our white foam is coated with a highly reflective coating that can reduce your cooling costs up to 40 percent! This is good for the environment in everyway, reflecting heat and keeping your interior much cooler. Of course, you will enjoy the fact that you will save money each month. Additionally, there are tax credits and rebates to be had.

  • Thermal insulation … Whatever temperature you are enjoying, warm or cool, this spray foam roofing comes as a thick layer that maintains your temperature. A resulting great feature in this insulation is that metal does not expand or retract, thereby causing cracks and holes. This also prevents precipitation from collecting on metal, which will also prevent rust corrosion.
  • Lightweight … Our spray foam roofing pairs nicely with metal, which is also a fantastically advantageous material in that it is strong yet lightweight. One good thing deserves another, and our foam makes up for where metal fails, filling in gaps and keeping metal preserved.

  • Invulnerable to fire … There is not a fatal flaw with our foam – it delivers on just what you need without you having to sacrifice other advantages of your property. We have our dry spells, leaving many properties vulnerable in fire season. Not anymore – not when you retain our foam services.

  • Warranties … We are absolutely confident this is the perfect solution for so many commercial structures, which is why warranties are available to maintain total peace of mind for owners. We are happy to discuss these warranties with you in greater detail either in person or via telephone.

Indeed, we provide your building with many benefits with spray foam roofing. Not to be forgotten, however, is the firm from which you are being provided this brilliant product. We have been serving our neighbors and colleagues in the business community for a long time – since 1963, and we are proud of our outstanding work. Indicative of our track record is our rating with the Better Business Bureau. We feature a rating of A – and that comes from an objective non-profit that has been the watchdog for consumers for a century.

Strength, resilience, protection, insulation, reflective –
all help describe our spray foam roofing!
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