Roof Coatings in Houston

Roof coatings are your ticket to a much higher functioning roofing system. For some, a roof is a roof and is a feature taken for granted. However, for those of us who need to pay strict attention to our budgets (business folks and homeowners alike) we know that decisions can either cost or save us money. This service, particularly for commercial and industrial properties with flat or gently-sloped rooftops, involves a modest initial investment. The payoff, however, can be quite impressive.

Roof coatings are the way to go for higher performance.
They supply a reduced cooling cost with greater protection.
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We proffer a fairly simple yet powerful argument for your commercial or industrial property and how it will benefit from our brilliant roof coatings. One important consideration is added security and protection from the weather. There are ideas in our industry to indicate a well-functioning roof, and one is an analogy of the “shell.” That aptly describes how a secure roof should function, without any breaches in weatherproofing. Our coatings are as tough as a shell, yet malleable to any given surface.

The other weighted important factor for roof coatings is energy conservation. Many property owners enjoy knowing they are using less energy, which of course directly translates to money saved on monthly cooling costs. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, there are two primary factors that go into the “cool roofs” provided by roof coatings. They are:

  • Solar reflectance … This is also known as “albedo,” and it is also the most important characteristic of the cool roofs provided by our roof coatings. White is a naturally reflective color and it is accentuated by our materials, reflecting sunshine and heat away from home and back into space. This is a fantastic property in our coatings that prevents heat from accumulating on your rooftop.

  • Emittance … Here is another important property found in our products to reduce cooling cost on your building. This term describes the ability of a material to release absorbed heat, an important factor for cooler roofs in a warm and sunny environment.

Our roof coatings works as a huge advantage for any large property. We focus on the expansive flat roofs of industrial complexes because they are liable to absorb plenty of heat over vast square footage. This is especially true here in sunny Texas – a state that is synonymous with sun and heat of all stripes. There is no reason your property should collect an exorbitant amount of heat, and there is no reason why you should be paying as much as you may be in cooling costs.

In addition to the regular savings experienced for each month’s energy bill, you will be eligible for tax credits and rebates. For more information on these factors we would like to speak with you in person regarding your roof coatings. This way, we will be able to review your specs, and we are also happy to look at your building to get the full picture of what your project will cost. We believe in providing fair and accurate estimates so you know precisely what to expect. We have thrived within the communities we serve due to our consummate professionalism and the need for the products that we expertly supply.

Roof coatings are EPA proven to reduce operational costs.
Weatherproofing begins in this part of your building.
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